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crazy shit happens when you’re not afraid to lose

Well here I am over a year later since my last post. Things were crazy a year ago, I was freelancing, I started a company that failed. I learned a ton of lessons that changed my life. One thing that I have always continued to follow was my gut, when it tells me something has potential I go after it. 

Now, I am living in Europe, Budapest to be exact. I’m the Creative Director at a medium size agency with a great group of creative talent from all over the world. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be here I would have said you were crazy. But my gut knew it.

Sometimes you have to jump in with both feet. Say what the fuck and leave your worries behind. One thing I’ve learned over my last 10 years of craziness is that you get through the deepest shit, no matter how in over your head you think you are. You get through it. Sometimes it’s not how you thought you would get through but you get through. Lessons are learned and you take the wisdom with you to your next challenge.

Keep pushing, don’t give up. Success only comes to those who truly want it. To those who are willing to lose everything because in some cases you will.

Until my next post.



Air Quality Egg is an open-source system that lets people collect and share data on their local air quality. Affordable and easy to assemble at home, it enables anybody, anywhere to participate directly in a global conversation about something we all have in common: air. Meanwhile, they’re participating in our homepage as our Project of the Day.

The problem with finding true happiness is getting past the vast crippling chasm known as good enough.


If change was easy it wouldn’t be nearly as gratifying. 


For a second year, the German street art collective Mentalgassi has made photo lenticulars for Amnesty International.

They’re a little like visual illusions — when you walk by the photo comes into view.

Street Art Lenticulars

Photojojo’s Guide to Making DIY Lenticulars

Brick machine circa 1900 (Taken with instagram)

Brick machine circa 1900 (Taken with instagram)

Early morning walk with max (Taken with instagram)

Early morning walk with max (Taken with instagram)

How does a snail get way up a tree? (Taken with instagram)

How does a snail get way up a tree? (Taken with instagram)